Food and Pharma

Food engineers, food technologists and product specialist provide the technological knowledge transfer essential to the cost-effective production and commercialization of food products. Are you developing a complex algorithm in food marketing? Potentially, we can provide the specialist. Are you designing and building a new production facility, the required staffing is our bread and butter.

Food and Pharmaceutical industries require a multidisciplinary attention and normally includes agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

Food and pharma engineering encompasses a wide range of activities. It includes food and pharma processing, machinery, packaging, ingredient manufacturing, instrumentation and control.

TGS has a good understanding of all work process in the food and pharmaceuticals industrie, from cradle to grave. This understanding help us in providing the ultimate support in staffing and engineering support.

Our engineering knowledge includes:

  • Advances in classical unit operations in engineering applied to food manufacturing
  • Progresses in the transport and storage of liquid and solid foods
  • Developments in heating, chilling and freezing of foods
  • Advanced mass transfer in foods
  • New chemical and biochemical aspects of food engineering and the use of kinetic analysis
  • New techniques in dehydration, thermal processing, non-thermal processing, extrusion, liquid food concentration, membrane processes and applications of membranes in food processing
  • Shelf-life, electronic indicators in inventory management, and sustainable technologies in food processing
  • Modern packaging, cleaning, and sanitation technologies.